Participants : IOEA 2023

Full name Affiliation/University Paper or project Group Photo
Aguilar Rojas, Maria Teresa Université Paris Dauphine Integrated strategies in an ecosystem context: Evidence from the EU public consultation on Connected and Automated Mobility 1
Aguilera-Lizarazu, Gabriela PSL Dauphine A comparative analysis of regulatory frameworks impacting the role of Distribution System Operators . 2
Alfitian, Jakob University of Cologne Closing the Gender Pay Gap within Firms: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Promoting Pay Equity 1
Ali, Bakhtawar Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan Corruption Witch-hunts 4
Alston, Eric University of Colorado Boulder Constitutional (In)stability: Institutional Certainty and Human Flourishing 4
Basu, Ameetosri (Amy) Yale University Bad Politicians, Good Bureaucrats: Modelling Public Sector Corruption and Bureaucratic Reliability 3
Benabdelkrim, Rami University Paris Dauphine - PSL Extended Producer Responsibility : a comparative study between european countries for WEEE 4
Bernier, Alexander University of Toronto Public Biological Databases and the Sui Generis Database Right 2
Block, Sidney University of Cologne Mystery Shopping as a Strategic Management Practice in Multi-Site Firms 1
Blumenthal, Benjamin Paris School of Economics Is More Information Good for Voters? 3
Bureika, Mantas Vilnius University Social Orders and Growth: A Study of Lithuanian Economic History (1253-2022) - PhD Project 4
Clolery, Héloïse CREST, Ecole Polytechnique - IP Paris Beliefs Dynamics under Affirmative Action Policies 3
Delpeuch, Samuel SciencesPo Investor-State Disputes and Tax Advantages in the Energy Sector 2
Feltham, Oliver University of Amsterdam The Role of Opinion Polls in Coordination Amongst Protest Voters: An Experimental Study 3
Ferreira de Siqueira, Ana Carolina University of São Paulo School Feeding Program and Public Food Procurement From Smallholder Farmers: Evidence From Brazil 2
Firsov, Orest Université Grenoble Alpes AI, robotization, and the internal organization of the firm: the economic analysis of manufacturing firms confronted with Industry 4.0 1
Fraga de Andrade, Leonor University of Lausanne Achieving public goals in for-profit organizations: the role of public procurement 2
Gonzalez, Carlos Paris Dauphine University Impact of European National Regulatory Agencies Governance Regimes on Renewable Energies Growth: Empirical analysis between 2013 and 2018 2
Gras, Clément Paris School of Economics/EHESS Incentive theory with limited communication capacity 3
Hassan, Bilal University of Bergen details not uploaded - please fill in the survey 1
Herrera Rodriguez, Mario CREST/École Polytechnique Internet expansion and electoral behaviour: Evidence from Costa Rica 3
Ismail, Reem Dauphine A hybrid method to measure startup novelty 3
Jardine, Vincent Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Rigidity and initiative of renegotiation in public contracts 3
Khalid, Sajwaar details not uploaded - please fill in the survey 4
Koch, Sebastian Goethe University Frankfurt Facial Homophily in Corporate Law Firms 1
Lagios, Nicolas Université libre de Bruxelles Does it Pay Off to Demonstrate Against the Far Right? 3
Lahiri, Surjasama Paris Dauphine University The role of standard setting organisations in deciding product quality and process innovation 1
Le Rossignol, Etienne London Business School Ancestral Livelihoods and Moral Universalism: Evidence from Transhumant Pastoralist Societies 4
Leng, Lingxiao University of Western Ontario Grassroots Lobbying: Corporate Influence Tactics in Canada 2
LI, Zichuan University Paris Dauphine - PSL Essays on China’s Regulation on Digital Economy 2
Lolayekar, Aparna Goa University, India Demographic profile of convicts and social equity in India 4
Lowood, Paul UC Irvine Princes, Merchants, and Prelates: German City Growth in the Early Modern Period 4
Luksic, Juan Diego Paris Dauphine|PSL Political polarization dynamic during covid-19 pandemic in developed countries. 4
Melios, George London School of Economics and Political Science Presidential Approval Crowds Out Charitable Donations 4
MELY, Arthur University of Lorraine Sustainable forest management: do property rights matter ? 4
Minni, Virginia The London School of Economics (LSE) Managers and the discovery of talent 1
Nibourel, Chloe Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) Data-driven investigations into labor racketeering 2
Olave Cruz, Isac Antonio Paris Dauphine University Fire bikes to the rescue! Bike-sharing and public transport substitution 3
Pinto, Gabriele Sapienza University, Department of Economics and Social Science (DiSSE) The informational effect of candidates’ traits on voter behavior: Results from an experiment for the October 2021 municipal elections in Rome 3
Rahi, Sorena University of Western Ontario The Political Strategies of Platform Economy Firms: The Case of Airbnb 2
Robert, Laurence Université Laval How to explain change (or no change) in institutional design of public regulators? Historical evidences in Ontario and Quebec collective marketing of agricultural products 4
Rodivilov, Alexander Stevens Institute of Technology Incentives for Contract Designers and Contractual Design 3
Song, Huiqian Simon Fraser University Does Improved Tenure Security Reduce Fires? Evidence from the Greece Land Registry 4
Stepanova, Anna BI Norwegian Business School The role and forms of requirement specifications: A theoretical framework 1
Strandt, Helene University of Munich LMU Knowledge, Ideas, and Innovation 2
Su, Yuanchen University of Minnesota Disentangling the Monetary and Social Effects of Sales Contest Leaderboards 1
Subtil, Hugo Université Paris-Dauphine / CREST Polytechnique How is the European Commission Informed? Witnesses and Information Provision in Europe 3
Thebaudin, Guillaume Telecom Paris The Effect of Interoperability on Competition between Ad-funded Platforms when Consumers can Multi-Home 2
Thon, Max University of Cologne Competition and risk taking in tournaments 1