Isac Antonio Olave Cruz


University / Organisation : Paris Dauphine University

Paper or project ? paper

Title : Fire bikes to the rescue! Bike-sharing and public transport substitution

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Abstract : This article investigates the impact of public transport disruptions on the adoption of bike-sharing. I exploit an extemporaneous event that shut down the operations in 50% of the subway lines in Mexico City in a natural experimental setting to causally identify public transport substitution to bike-sharing. Furthermore, using the spatial relationship between both systems, I propose a methodology to differentiate between bike journeys that substitute and complement public transport network, notably first and last mile connections. The analysis makes use of previous studies that provide empirical evidence on the spatial influence of subway networks to compare outcomes of docking stations with different degrees of spatial integration to public transport. Finally, due to the amount of information available before and after the disruption, I provide evidence on the evolutions of the effects over time. The main findings suggest an increased in the degree of substitution to bike-sharing associated to public transport disruption, especially in docking stations highly integrated with the subway system. Complementarity instead decreased during this period. Disruptions were also associated with an overall increase in the adoption of bike-sharing in the long-run. The number of bikes journeys complementing and substituting public transport increased in the weeks after the system was completely restored.The evidence presented here might help policy makers to design a multimodal mobility system fully integrated and resilient to overcome disruptions and future challenges.