Claire Lelarge
Université Paris-Saclay



(Tuesday, 16th May 2023)

Title : Unlocking Frontier Technologies in Firms : Organizational and Economic Perspectives

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Organizational and Economic Perspectives; he landscape of jobs and work is evolving at an unprecedented speed, driven by advances in computer and engineering technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, which have moved from the factory floor to an expanding array of knowledge and service occupations. There is no indication that this trend will slow down in the coming years. These changes promise benefits to society with the creation of new industries and occupations, increased productivity and opportunities for innovation, but they bring risks as well: many of these technological advances have an automation component which erodes human skills, scales back the need for some workers and might even eliminate some job sectors. Whether benefits will outscore threats is at this stage an open question, both to social scientists and policy makers. The lecture will propose a review of the recent research in this field.

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Automation and New Tasks: How Technology Displaces and Reinstates Labor (

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