« ESNIE summer school provides an opportunity both for learning and for personal interaction and enrichment. The knowledge, creativity and the drive to share of the senior scholars marked me profoundly and gave me the exposure and constructive feedback to advance in my own research endeavors. The community that has grown around ESNIE has been accompanying me in projects and conferences but they also sang on the first birthday party of my son, an unforgettable moment of kindness that I deeply appreciate. The experience I had during ESNIE blurs the boundaries between professionally relevant and personally satisfying human interaction. I will eagerly recommend the ESNIE Summer school and come back with great pleasure! »
Veneta ANDONOVA - https://www.aubg.edu/faculty/veneta-andonova
Associate Professor
American University in Bulgaria


« The experiences I have had at ESNIE, as both a student and as a Faculty member, were fantastic. The event itself is held in a wonderful location away from the hustle and bustle of a major city – despite its remote location on Corsica, the organizers go to extraordinary lengths to make the week-long event run smoothly. And it provides the students with a rare opportunity to mix with their peers and some of the world’s leading scholars in a relaxed environment. In addition, there are lots of social activities planned over the week, which provides the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with like-minded individuals. The friendships forged at this event last a long time. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. »
Paul JENSEN - http://www.melbourneinstitute.com/staff/pjensen/
Professorial Research Fellow, Chair in Public Policy & Engagement
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
University of Melbourne


« I attended ESNIE in May 2010 and had a great experience. I benefited from hearing lectures from Oliver Hart and Maristella Botticini among others and from workshops run by postdocs, notably Suresh Naidu.  During the afternoons, I enjoyed listening to and discussing the other student papers while the evenings were spent enjoying good food and wine in the company of other students as well as the faculty. The feedback was extremely useful and I was fortunate enough to win the prize for best paper.  In the subsequent five years I've benefited enormously from the friends and connections I made at ESNIE and I enjoyed returning to Corsica in 2015 as a member of the faculty. »
Mark KOYAMA - http://economics.gmu.edu/people/mkoyama2
Assistant Professor
George Mason University

Maria Alessandra ROSSI

« I came across the ESNIE website rather accidentally in 2003. I was in the second year of my Ph.D., lucky enough to be already passionate about new institutional and organizational economics. ESNIE turned out to be a truly mind-opening experience. It allowed me not only to be exposed to brilliant thinkers and the most advanced ideas in the field, but also to be faced with a method of scientific exchange that dynamically incorporates new insights from any participant, young or senior. Needless to say, from ESNIE stemmed long-standing friendships and chances of professional collaboration. Later on, it was only natural to make an attempt to give something back to a community I felt I belonged to by sharing some aspects of my research in the role of workshop organizer. I hope many other young researchers will have a chance to benefit from this great initiative! »

Maria Alessandra ROSSI
Assistant Professor - http://www.econ-pol.unisi.it/rossi/
University of Siena


« The Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy (formerly known as ESNIE) has greatly contributed to my academic career in multiple ways. I attended the event in 2010 as a student, and the year after as a Workshop organizer. On both occasions I had the opportunity to significantly widen my scientific network and to obtain important feedback on my work. As a Post-doctoral student, I presented my work in front of scholars from top schools around the world, and as a consequence my paper was significantly improved. The lectures were of an amazing standard and helped me come up with new research projects. As a Workshop organizer, I enlarged my research network and created ties with people with whom I continue to interact on a regular basis. It is perhaps the single academic event that has enabled me to meet the most high quality scholars over a short lapse of time. »

Petros SEKERIS - http://www.port.ac.uk/economics-and-finance/staff/petros-sekeris.html
Principal Lecturer
Portsmouth Business School


« I attended ESNIE twice—as a PHD student, in 2005, and as a junior lecturer, in 2009. Both stints have had an enduring impact on my research and on my professional and personal search. There, I have met coauthors, mentors, and friends. I have often asked myself what made this experience so unique and powerful. My answer is that ESNIE is the only venue I know that can grab top scholars, young researchers, and students from all over the world, lock them into a small fun village with no escape, and force them to talk non-stop for five days. I cannot think of a better way to disseminate and enrich institutional and organizational economics, and pass it from one generation of scholars to another. »
Giorgio ZANARONE - http://campusvirtual.cunef.edu/web/gzanarone/home/
Associate Professor
Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros - CUNEF