The organizers


IOEA could not be possible without the precious work of a strong, close-knit and competent organization team. This organization team is composed of the director, the academy's coordinators and the seminars chairs.


Eric Brousseau is professor of Economics and Management at the University Paris-Dauphine. He is the scientific director of the Chair Governance and Regulation and a past-president of SIOE. He initiated IOEA — at that time the European School for New Institutional Economics (ESNIE) — in 2002 and has been running this event and the related network since then.

  • muriel
    Muriel Faverie
  • maria
    Maria Breidy
  • chiara
    Chiara Caccinelli
  • chiara
    Marie-Hélène Caitucoli
    (from 2022)
  • bruno
    Bruno Chaves
    (from 2002)

IOEA coordinators

As coordination and communication challenges are crucial for the organization of such an international network and regular set of events, IOEA is also critically depending upon the professionalism and personal involvement of those responsible for the organizational, administrative, and logistic coordination of the academy. The organization of the academy also strongly relies on a set of digital tools and on an original info-structure specifically developed to support its organization.

The organizers, faculties and participants to IOEA are then clearly indebted to those who successively have been responsible of these functions.

Seminar Chairs

Seminars chairs play a key role in the organization and the proper functioning of IOEA. During the spring session, they chair the daily seminars organized around the participants' presentation, discuss their paper or their research project and ensure the dynamism and the quality of the exchanges among the participants, and between them and the faculties lecturers and workshops organizers. Before the conference, they collegially manage the selection process of participants and the constitution of seminars' group, thereby guaranteeing the quality of the academy. They are also active member of the IOEA network that organizes on a regular basis conferences and workshops, and manages cooperative research projects.

All members of this organization team hold a PhD. They either have academic positions or work as economist for regulatory authorities. Most of the time, they are themselves IOEA alumni. Since the first edition, 29 different seminars chairs have been involved in the organization of the academy. They are alphabetically listed here below.

  • Miguel Amaral
  • Laure Athias
  • Vladimir Avetian
  • Jean Beuve
  • Céline Bignebat
  • Eshien Chong
  • Adrien de Hauteclocque
  • Claudine Desrieux
  • Marina Dodlova
  • Valérie Duplat
  • Pierre Garrouste
  • Jean-Michel Glachant
  • Sophie Harnay
  • Freddy Huet
  • Surjasama Lahiri
  • Aude le Lannier
  • François Libois
  • Desmond Lo
  • Emmanuel Lorenzon
  • Inna Lyubareva
  • Frédéric Marty
  • Alexandre Mayol
  • Sultan Mehmood
  • John Moore
  • Dutta Nabamita
  • Yannick Perez
  • Gwendoline Promsopha
  • Emmanuel Raynaud
  • Maiva Ropaul
  • Ludivine Roussey
  • Elodie Rouvière
  • Sanjukta Roy
  • Annie Royer
  • Jean-François Sattin
  • Stéphane Saussier
  • Petros Sekeris
  • Porcher Simon
  • Raphaël Soubeyran
  • Carine Staropoli
  • Yamina Tadjeddine
  • Tra Tran
  • Jordana Viotto
  • Alexandre Volle
  • Anne Yvrande-Billon
  • Nevena Zhelyazkova
  • Dianzhuo Zhu