Despina Gavresi
U. of Luxembourg



(Friday, 24th May 2024)

Title : Understanding the Role of Shocks on EU Perceptions and Populism in Europe

Europe has consistently confronted socio-economic shocks. In response to these shocks, numerous EU countries have witnessed a significant surge in both new and established populist parties, leading to their successful integration into national parliaments. My research delves into these factors as determinants of the rise of populism in Europe and the increase in anti-EU rhetoric. It empirically investigates: i) the connection between exposure to past macroeconomic shocks during early adulthood and its impact on the demand for populism in Europe, ii) the consequences of past experiences with macroeconomic shocks throughout the lives of EU citizens on shaping EU perception and anti-EU voting, and last, iii) the implications of population aging on the rise of populist parties, uncovering the institutional mechanisms using econometric techniques. My research agenda underscores the importance of policy-making that, in times of crisis, extends beyond economic considerations and seeks to nurture inclusive societies and EU cohesion during challenging times.