Marco Faravelli
University of St Andrews, UK



(Tuesday, 1st June 2010)

Title : Experiments on fund-raising mechanisms

We will explore the topic of charitable giving and analyze fund-raising mechanisms for the private provision of public goods. We will examine institutions that have emerged, and mechanisms that have been devised, in order to overcome the free-riding problem. We will analyze the performance of different types of mechanisms in laboratory and field experiments, with particular emphasis on prize-based mechanisms.

Bibliographical references :

John Morgan, Martin Sefton (2000) “Funding Public Goods with Lotteries: Experimental Evidence”, Review of Economic Studies, 67-4, 785-810.
Working paper version :

Luca Corazzini, Marco Faravelli, Luca Stanca (forthcoming) “A Prize to Give for: An Experiment on Public Good Funding Mechanisms”, Economic Journal.
Working paper version