Carmine Guerriero
ACLE, U. of Amsterdam



(Wednesday, 2nd June 2010)

Title : Endogenous Legal and Political Institutions

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The workshop is aimed at understanding the origins of political and legal institutions as resulting from both welfare-increasing moves of the society at whole or successful rent-seeking strategies of powerful interest groups. Also, we will discuss how empirical works should correctly assess the endogenous impact of these institutions on economic outcomes. We will focus on two different topics:

  1. the design of market conducts and their endogenous effect on production efficiency;
  2. the design of legal systems.

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(Monday, 19th May 2014)

Title : Endogenous Property Rights

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Albeit the relevance of property rights is well known, their determinants are still poorly understood. This workshop will discuss a series of recent contributions identifying two main trade-offs behind the design of property rights: the trade-off between the dispersed coercive power in a state of anarchy and the predation by a central enforcement authority and that between between inefficient exclusion from trade and inefficient expropriation. The explanatory power of both strands of literature will be evaluated. Finally, avenues for further research will be explored.

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