Xiao Yu Wang
Duke U.



(Wednesday, 20th May 2020)

Title : Organizations in Developing Economies

The goal of this workshop is to synthesize existing work in the intersection of organizational and development economics, with a focus on firms and political organizations (e.g. bureaucracies), and to identify promising directions for future research. For example, the objectives of governments in developing economies may differ from those of developed nations, e.g. due to different levels of poverty, uncertainty, instability, and so on. These objectives determine the incentives that governments design for bureaucrats, which in turn influence the selection of bureaucrats as well as bureaucratic performance and the quality of policy-making. All of this directly affects the welfare of citizens. Establishing how organizations shape and are shaped by poverty and inequality is essential to understanding the persistence of both. It is also a key step in understanding the conditions under which welfare-improving institutional change could and would happen in developing countries.