Florian Englmaier
LMU Munich



(Monday, 23rd May 2022)

Title : Field Experiment & organizational economics

I will speak about different forms of field experiments - those in partnership with an organization, those you fully organize yourself by creating an artificial organization, etc.

In doing so, I will focus on a few of my papers, not necessarily because I think these are the best papers, but because I know how they came about, why we had to make certain decisions and compromises, etc.

I will also give my view on what we should study in the future and for what questions I think field experiments are important - and for what questions we may not need the RCT approach.


  • The Role of Communication of Performance Schemes: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with A. Roider and U. Sunde), 2017, Management Science, Vol. 63(12), pp. 4061 - 4080
  • The Effect of Incentives in Non-Routine Analytical Team Tasks - Evidence from a Field Experiment (with S. Grimm, D. Schindler, and S. Schudy), 2022
  • Social Dilemmas in the Laboratory and in the Field (with G. Gebhardt), 2016, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 128, 85–96
  • Fostering Psychological Safety in Teams: Evidence from an RCT (with S. Castro and M. Guadalupe), 2022 [only slides]