Stephen Littlechild
University of Cambridge



(Tuesday, 16th May 2006)

Title : Beyond regulation

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  1. Brief survey of economic literature on regulation
  2. Are other possible arrangements used in practice?
  3. Transmission regulation in Australia
  4. Transmission regulation in Argentina
  5. Settlements in Florida and elsewhere
  6. Conclusions

Bibliographical references :

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This is a convenient collection of papers on regulation, reflecting a broad range of approaches, a mixture of classics and some more recent pieces.

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This is a collection of Coase’s most important papers. For this lecture see especially :
Chapter 1 The Firm, the Market and the Law.
Chapter 4 The Marginal Cost Controversy.[from Economica n. 13, Aug 1946.
There is similar material in Coase, The Theory of Marginal Cost Pricing and its Application, Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science, 1(1), Spring 1970, 113-128.].

Must read reference : Stephen Littlechild, Beyond Regulation, Beesley Lecture series XV, 4 October 2005
(revised version 12 October 2005), in Colin Robinson (ed.) Governments and Utility Regulation (provisional title), Cheltenham: Edward Elgar (forthcoming).
The presentation on 16 May will be based on this lecture, not so much the initial material on evolving nature of UK utility regulation but focusing more on my research in progress. This lecture and the research in progress referred to therein (on Australia, Argentina, settlements and Florida) are available in the Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG) Working Paper series at Cambridge