Giovanni Dosi
Sant’Anna School, Pisa



(Thursday, 24th May 2007)

Title : Hierarchies, markets and power structures: some foundational issues on the role of institutions

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In the presentation I start by, first, offering a discussion of some foundation issues concerning the “ultimate primitives” upon which theories of economic organizations and their changes rest. In particular, the dichotomies between “institutionalist” and “rationalist primitives”, and between “exchange” vs. “political” (authority-centred) views will be highlighted.
Second, I shall discuss the links and overlapping between what I have defined the institutionalist-political view of organization and evolutionary theories of socio-economic change.
Third, on the grounds of such an interpretative framework, I shall offer some examples of organizational change nested in the co-evolution between the distribution of authority, the distribution of knowledge, and the incentive structure within the organization itself.
Finally, the lecture shall conclude with some general interpretative conjectures and challenges ahead.

Bibliographical references :

Must read reference : Dosi, Giovanni, 1995. "Hierarchies, Markets and Power: Some Foundational Issues on the Nature of Contemporary Economic Organizations," Industrial and Corporate Change, Oxford University Press, vol. 4(1), pages 1-19.

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Coriat, B. and G. Dosi (1998), “The Institutional Embeddedness of Economic Change. An Appraisal of the “Evolutionary” and the “Regulationist” Research Programme”, in K. Nielsen and B. Johnson (eds), Institutions and Economic Change, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.