Zichuan LI


University / Organisation : Paris Dauphine University | PSL

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Title : Essays on China’s Regulation on Digital Economy

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Abstract : With the development of digital economy in China, the typical monopoly problems that may arise in the market include predatory pricing, “big data killing”, pick “one of two”, link blockage, algorithmic collusion, “killer acquisitions”, and so on. These monopoly behaviors can destroy fair competition, cause market failure and harm consumer rights. In response to these consequences, state’s involvement seems to be indispensable. An efficient regulatory approach with sound legal system could be the panacea to improve the social welfare. This project will be implemented in three parts. Section I will try to identify the main problems in digital market and explain them from an economic point of view. This part will also delineate the institutional framing of regulation for digital economy in China. Section II will focus on comparative analysis across countries and determine the differences between China and western countries’ regulation. It will also try to figure out what and how to learn from international regulators’ experiences. The last section will explore the constraints to implementation of the regulation on the digital platform.