Group 3 : IOEA 2022


Seminar chairs

Full name Affiliation/University Homepage Email Photo
Lorenzon, Emmanuel Université Grenoble-Alpes link
Ropaul, Maiva LIRAES - Université Paris Descartes link


Full name Affiliation/University Paper or project Photo
Basu, Ameetosri (Amy) Yale University Bad Politicians, Good Bureaucrats: Modelling Public Sector Corruption and Bureaucratic Reliability
Blumenthal, Benjamin Paris School of Economics Is More Information Good for Voters?
Clolery, Héloïse CREST, Ecole Polytechnique - IP Paris Beliefs Dynamics under Affirmative Action Policies
Feltham, Oliver University of Amsterdam The Role of Opinion Polls in Coordination Amongst Protest Voters: An Experimental Study
Gras, Clément Paris School of Economics/EHESS Incentive theory with limited communication capacity
Herrera Rodriguez, Mario CREST/École Polytechnique Internet expansion and electoral behaviour: Evidence from Costa Rica
Ismail, Reem Dauphine A hybrid method to measure startup novelty
Jardine, Vincent Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Rigidity and initiative of renegotiation in public contracts
Lagios, Nicolas Université libre de Bruxelles Does it Pay Off to Demonstrate Against the Far Right?
Olave Cruz, Isac Antonio Paris Dauphine University Fire bikes to the rescue! Bike-sharing and public transport substitution
Pinto, Gabriele Sapienza University, Department of Economics and Social Science (DiSSE) The informational effect of candidates’ traits on voter behavior: Results from an experiment for the October 2021 municipal elections in Rome
Rodivilov, Alexander Stevens Institute of Technology Incentives for Contract Designers and Contractual Design
Subtil, Hugo Université Paris-Dauphine / CREST Polytechnique How is the European Commission Informed? Witnesses and Information Provision in Europe