Seminars - IOEA 2019


To stimulate a continuous process of learning and interaction during the week, both among the participants and between the participants and the more advanced scholars, the second part of the afternoon is dedicated to seminars. The participants are divided into small consistent groups (maximum 10 persons per group) based on the topic of their research program and coordinated by a chair who is a specialist in the field. Collective discussion of their research program and of the working papers of most advanced PhDs students enables them to experience the process of the making of science and to benefit from comments and advices from leading scholars in the field (i.e. the morning lecturers and the workshops organizers).

Seminar Chairs

Full name Affiliation/University Homepage Email Group Photo
Beuve, Jean U. Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne link 1
Libois, François INRA & Paris School of Economics link 3
Lorenzon, Emmanuel Université Paris-Dauphine – PSL link 1
Promsopha, Gwendoline u. Aix-Marseille University link 4
Raynaud, Emmanuel INRA SAD link 4
Sekeris, Petros Montpellier Business School link 2
Tran, Tra IPAG Business School link 3
Viotto, Jordana Université Paris-Dauphine – PSL link 2