A wide variety of themes


The IOE is characterized by a multi-disciplinary approach, and as a consequence, by reliance on multiple scientific methodologies (case studies, econometrics, field experiments, experimental economics, etc.) as well as a diversity of analytical frameworks. Its field is composed of a wide range of approaches which creates synergies and complementarities: economics and organizational sociology, historical and institutional dynamics analysis, formal and informal coordination mechanisms analysis, public-private relations analysis, etc. The ability to mobilize for one week international specialists of these themes provides a unique opportunity to spread research works and to give the students a chance to benefit from top researchers’ experience through lectures and interactions.

Over the years, the main fields covered by the lectures and workshops have been:

  • Organization Studies
  • Industrial Organization, Business and Strategy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Public Economic, Public Choice and Public Management
  • Law and Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Development and Transition Economics, Economic History

That said the school also hosted talks in finance, labor economics and human resource management, history of economic thought and methodology, etc.